Early Learning Centre

“Helping our little people, learn and grow to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life...”

Now opening at 6:30 am

Letter from the Director

Pooh Bear’s House provides supreme quality child care by employing professional, highly trained staff within our amazing facilities, which reflects our commitment to caring for children. Our staff are trained to respect the self-esteem and individuality of each child, by catering for their interests, needs and abilities. Through play based learning experiences, children will confidently explore, investigate and be curious about the world around them, encouraging lifelong learning. We believe, families are the most important influence in a child’s life, and are the primary source of information. Therefore, we encourage parents to be actively involved in the centre, contribute ideas, and take an interest in their child’s development and growth. Together we can achieve the highest level of child care.

Kim Russell      

Centre Features

We are a privately owned, 90 Place Early Learning Centre. Our commitment to the provision of the ‘Highest Quality Child Care’ is evident by;

Incorporating a 4-Year Government Funded Kindergarten, that includes a Comprehensive School Transition Program.

Our Kindergarten program runs all day from 8:45 am through to 4:30 pm.

Implementing High Quality Individually based Educational Programs inspired through the Early Years Learning Framework.

Embracing Technology by installing Interactive Whiteboards in our Kindergarten Rooms.

Our Qualified Early Childhood Professional team of staff.

Offering Specialised Computer, Music and Dance sessions.

Encompassing Highly Stimulative, Shaded and Fun-Filled play areas.

Designing Safe, Secure and Functional Purpose-Built Premises

Delivering a Nutritionally Balanced Menu

Ensuring Low Child to Staff Ratios

Operating under the Newly Implemented Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 - CCB approved